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Prof. Dr. habil. Bashar Ibrahim

affiliated to the

Matthias-Schleiden-Institute, Bioinformatics
Faculty of Biological Sciences
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena


European Virus Bioinformatics Center  



Teaching  see @ Friedolin


Our main research lies in the interface between mathematics, molecular biology, medicine and computational modeling providing
a systems approach to scientific discovery. The main areas of expertise are summarized shortly below:

  • Mitotic Transition Control Mechanisms
  • Mathematical and computational systems biology
  • Multiscale and unconventional modeling, simulation, and analysis of complex systems


Current Projects

  • Thüringia, DigLeben
    Learning Hierarchical Open-Box Models from High-Dimensional Temporal and Spatial Data (Project 6)
  • DFG, SPP 2191 Functional Phaseseparation
    Spatial Rule-Based Modelling of Phase Separation in PML Nuclear Bodies

Key Publications

Stephan Peter, Martin Hölzer, Kevin Lamkiewic, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, Hassan Al Hwaeer, Manja Marz, Stefan Schuster, Peter Dittrich, Bashar Ibrahim* (2019)
Viruses 11 (5), 449

Richard Henze, Peter Dittrich, Bashar Ibrahim* (2017)
A Dynamical Model for Activating and Silencing the Mitotic Checkpoint
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 3865

Peter Kreyßig, Christian Wozar, Stephan Peter, Tomas Veloz, Bashar Ibrahim*, Peter Dittrich (2014)
Effects of Small Particle Numbers on Long-Term Behaviour in Discrete Biochemical Systems
Bioinformatics 2014 Sep;30(17):i475-81

Ayse Koca Caydasi, Maiko Lohel, Gerd Grünert, Peter Dittrich, Gislene Pereira, Bashar Ibrahim* (2012)
A Dynamical Model of the Spindle Position Checkpoint
Molecular Systems Biology, 8(582)

Gerd Grünert, Bashar Ibrahim, Thorsten Lenser, Maiko Lohel, Thomas Hinze, Peter Dittrich (2010)
Rule-based spatial modeling with diffusing, geometrically constrained molecules
BMC Bioinformatics, 11:307

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