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CZ Digitale Werkstatt: Virus Dynamics and Diagnostics (P3)

Welcome to the Websiote of the project "Virus Dynamics and Diagnostics (P3)" of the "Digitale Werkstatt" funded by the Carl-Zeiss Foundation 2019.


Principal (Co-)Investigators



In this project, new data analysis and learning methods will be developed to improve the diagnosis of known and unknown viruses and their interaction with other organisms.Potential data streams include sequences (genome and transcriptome of virus and host), images, and molecular spectra (mass spectra of virus and host). .The Böcker Group contributes novel methods (SIRIUS, CSI: FingerID) for gas chromatography and electron ionization mass-spectrometry. The Dittrich Group develops learning and classification methods based on dynamical reaction network models.


  1. Peter, S., Hölzer, M., Lamkiewic, K., di Fenizio, P. S., Al Hwaeer, H., Marz, M., Schuster, S., Dittrich, P., Ibrahim, B. (2019). Structure and Hierarchy of Influenza Virus Models Revealed by Reaction Network Analysis. Viruses, 11(5), 449.


We acknowledge funding from the Zeiss Foundation, project "Eine virtuelle Werkstatt
für die Digitalisierung in den Wissenschaften" (Program: "Durchbrüche 2018").