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Publications 2012

Publications of the workgroup published in 2012

Lutz R. Gehlen, Gerd Grünert, M. Beatrix Jones, Chris D. Rodley, Jörg Langowski, J.M .O'Sullivan (2012)
Chromosome positioning and the clustering of functionally related loci in yeast is driven by chromosomal interactions
Nucleus (Austin, Tex.), 3(4):370

Ayse Koca Caydasi, Maiko Lohel, Gerd Grünert, Peter Dittrich, Gislene Pereira, Bashar Ibrahim (2012)
A Dynamical Model of the Spindle Position Checkpoint
Molecular Systems Biology, 8(582)

Peter Kreyßig, Gabi Escuela, Bryan Reynaert, Tomas Veloz, Bashar Ibrahim, Peter Dittrich (2012)
Cycles and the Qualitative Evolution of Chemical Systems
PLoS ONE, 7(10): e45772

Andrew Adamatzky, Julian Holley, Peter Dittrich, Jerzy Gorecki, B. De Lacy Costello, Klaus-Peter Zauner, L. Bull (2012)
On architectures of circuits implemented in simulated Belousov–Zhabotinsky droplets
Biosystems, 109(1):72-77 (2012)

G. Bergner, S. Schlücker, B. Kampe, Peter Dittrich, B. Dietzek1, J. Popp (2012)
Optimal control of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering image contrast
Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 261106 (2012)

Tomas Veloz, Pablo Razeto Barry, Peter Dittrich, Alejandro Fajardo (2012)
Reaction networks and evolutionary game theory
Journal of mathematical biology 68 (1-2), 181-206

Gerd Grünert, Gabi Escuela, Peter Dittrich (2012)
Symbol representations in Evolving Droplet Computers
J. Durand-Lose, N. Jonoska (Eds.): Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation - 11th International Conference, UCNC 2012, Orlean, France, Sept. 3-7, 2012. Proceedings. LNCS 7445, Springer, 2012

Alexandra Diem, Gerd Grünert, Peter Dittrich (2012)
Evolution and growth of molecular networks for disease classification
In Book of Abstracts, European Conference on Complex Systems, page 44, Brussels, September 2012