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Publications in 2008

Publications of the workgroup published in 2008

Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters, Thorsten Lenser, Dmitri Negorev, Norman Gerstner, Thomas G. Hofmann, Georg Schwanitz, Christian Hoischen, Gerd Maul, Peter Dittrich, Peter Hemmerich (2008)
Dynamics of Component Exchange at PML Nuclear Bodies
J. Cell Sci., Online since 29 July 2008
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Bashar Ibrahim, Stephan Diekmann, Eberhard Schmidt, Peter Dittrich (2008)
In-Silico Modeling of the Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint
PLoS ONE 3(2):e1555, 2008
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Bashar Ibrahim, Peter Dittrich, Stephan Diekmann, Eberhard Schmidt (2008)
Mad2 binding is not sufficient for complete Cdc20 sequestering in mitotic transition control (an in silico study)
Biophysical Chemistry, 134(1-2), 93-100, 2008

Christoph Kaleta, Florian Centler, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Phenotype prediction in regulated metabolic networks
BMC Systems Biology, 2:37
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Sikander Hayat, Thomas Hinze (2008)
Toward integration of in vivo molecular computing devices: successes and challenges
HFSP Journal, 1(1):60-64, 2008
ISSN 1955-2068

Thomas Hinze, Raphael Fassler, Thorsten Lenser, Naoki Matsumaru, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Event-Driven Metamorphoses of P Systems
In P. Frisco, D.W. Corne, G. Paun (Eds.), Proceedings Ninth International Workshop on Membrane Computing (WMC9), pp. 209-225, Heriot-Watt University, accepted for publication in Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, 2008

Thomas Hinze, Sikander Hayat, Thorsten Lenser, Naoki Matsumaru, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Biosignal-Based Computing by AHL Induced Synthetic Gene Regulatory Networks.
In P. Encarnacao, A. Veloso (Eds.), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing, Vol. 1, pp. 162-169, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information Control and Communication, INSTICC press, 2008
ISBN 978-989-8111-18-0

Florian Centler, Christoph Kaleta, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Computing Chemical Organizations in Biological Networks
Bioinformatics, 24(14), 1611 - 1618, 2008
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Raphael Fassler, Thomas Hinze, Thorsten Lenser, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Construction of Oscillating Chemical Register Machines on Binary Numbers using Mass-Action Kinetics.
In O.H. Ibarra, P. Sosik (Eds.), Preliminary Proceedings Prague International Workshop on Membrane Computing in conjunction with DNA14 (PIWMC2008), pp. 11-22, Silesian University Press, 2008
ISBN 978-80-7248-468-3

Hendrik Rohn, Bashar Ibrahim, Thorsten Lenser, Thomas Hinze, Peter Dittrich (2008)
Enhancing Parameter Estimation of Biochemical Networks by Exponentially Scaled Search Steps
In: E. Marchiori, J.H. Moore (Eds.), Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics, Proceedings EvoBio 2008, Naples, Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4973, pp. 177-187, Springer Verlag, 2008

Peter Dittrich, Lars Winter (2008)
Chemical Organizations in a Toy-Model of the Political System
Advances in Complex Systems 11(4), 609-627