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Richard Henze

Biosystem Analysis Research Group
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
Room 3431
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 (3641) 9 46463



2013 - present Phd in Computer Science, University of Jena, founded by Carl-Zeiss-Foundation.

2011- 2013  MSc in Computational Science, University of Jena, Master thesis: 'Rule-Based Simulation of the Inner Kinetochore Structure and Analysis of its Behavior using In-Silico Mutation Experiments.'

2008- 2011 BSc in Mathematics, University of Jena, Bachelor thesis: 'Efficient programming of the heat equation on a GPU using CUDA.'

Research Interests

  • Rule based modeling of the kinetochore and PML nuclear bodies.
  • Modeling of the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) and reveal its secrets.
  • Developing of new 3-dimensional-coarse-grained algorithms which use a rule based approach.
  • Solving of partial differential equation system.

About Me

I am one of the first students of the new Master of Computational Science program at the University of Jena and graduated also in Jena as Bachelor of Science in mathematics. In my spare time i like to play volleyball, go inline skating or play Pokemon GO. I am generally into sports and all kind of video or board games.


Richard Henze, Peter Dittrich, Bashar Ibrahim (2017)
A Dynamical Model for Activating and Silencing the Mitotic Checkpoint
Scientific Reports 7

Richard Henze, Jan Huwald, Nelly Fernanda Mostajo Berrospi, Peter Dittrich, Bashar Ibrahim (2015)
Structural analysis of in silico mutant experiments of human inner-kinetochore structure
Biosystems 127, 47-59

Bashar Ibrahim, Richard Henze (2014)
Active Transport Can Greatly Enhance Cdc20: Mad2 Formation
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (10), 19074-19091

Bashar Ibrahim, Richard Henze, Gerd GrĂ¼nert, Matthew Egbert, Jan Huwald, Peter Dittrich (2013)
Spatial Rule-Based Modeling: A method and its application to the human mitotic kinetochore
Cells, 2:506-544